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Expanding upon the innovative capabilities of the Bitcoin Lottery Protocol, a standout feature is the customizable lottery game dashboard. This dashboard empowers developers and users to tailor-make lottery games with predefined, immutable settings.

For Game Creators

Customizable and Immutable Game Mechanics

Once you have deployed a game through the dashboard, the rules are set in stone—thanks to blockchain's immutable nature. Whether you're looking to host a straightforward lottery, a raffle, or something entirely new, the sky is the limit.

Duel Mode

In a particularly intriguing feature, you can set up duels. Imagine a raffle with the simplest settings: a minimum of two players, a maximum of two players, and one winner. It turns into an intense one-on-one battle, with a set fee for entry.

Fixed Lotteries

For those who prefer the classics, you can easily set up traditional fixed lotteries. Determine your own immutable settings such as the number of tickets, the cost per ticket, and the distribution of winnings.

Time-Based Raffles

Time-sensitive events add an extra layer of excitement. Configure your game to automatically draw winners after a fixed time period, be it minutes, hours, or days.

NFT Drops and Airdrops

The platform also supports more complex distributions like NFT drops or token airdrops. These can be particularly useful for artists, developers, or communities looking to distribute unique digital assets.

Special Events

Charity Events with Random Prizes

Why not use the platform for good? Organize charity events where participants have a chance to win random prizes, generating excitement while also raising funds for a noble cause.

Whitelists and Random Selection

Need to grant access to a limited number of users? You can use the random generation features to create whitelists for special access to games, early product releases, or exclusive community events.

Random Events and Reward Mechanisms

If your game or project requires a random event—be it a surprise bonus, a hidden easter egg, or a unique challenge—the Bitcoin Lottery Protocol can generate that randomness reliably and transparently.

By offering this incredible range of customizable features, the Bitcoin Lottery Protocol isn’t just a gaming platform; it’s a complete ecosystem for randomized events and reward distribution. Whether you're a developer with a novel idea for a blockchain game, a community manager looking to distribute rewards, or a charity looking to raise funds, the opportunities are virtually endless.

Rakeback in BTCLP Tokens

Participating in these custom games isn't just about the thrill; it’s also rewarding. Players can earn rakebacks in BTCLP Tokens, adding an extra layer of incentive to engage with the platform.

Fee Sharing

As the creator of these games, you’re not left out of the economic loop either. A portion of the fees generated by player participation can be allocated back to you.

Bitcoin Lottery Protocol extends far beyond traditional games and duels. The custom dashboard serves as a comprehensive toolkit for creating a diverse array of lottery and reward mechanisms. Here’s how:

Types of Games and Conditions

Game TypeDraw ConditionsMin / Max Ticket PriceMin / Max PlayersMin / Max Winners Fees

Rush Raffle

Min Player === Max Players

1,11 - 1000 MATIC 0,22 USDT/USDC/DAI

2 - 100 Players

1 Min / Max 10



E.x. 1H countdown Min 10 players, Max 100 Players

1,11 - 1000 MATIC 0,22 USDT/USDC/DAI

10 - 100 Players

1 Min / Max 10



E.x. Draw happens 1 time per day and even if no one one we just move to the next round

1,11 - 1000 MATIC 0,22 USDT/USDC/DAI

10 - Unlimited

1 Min / Max 10



E.x. Lottery Creators distribute NFTs to their communities on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis

1 NFT - 100 NFTs


1 Min / Max 10


Real Prizes

E.x. 1 x Car per week if 80% of the needed tickets are sold, if not, it's extended until we get all 80% and then do the draw

1 Prize - (1 x NFT Card)


1 Min / Max 10


Polygon Testnet:

Good to know: Custom Games Dashboard Updates coming soon!

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