🌎Bitcoin Lottery Protocol

Provably Fair Decentralised Random Play to Earn and Pay to Earn Games.

BTCLOTTERY is a Decentralized Gaming Platform & Randomness User Interface Generator Protocol that aims to become the go-to interoperable gateway for randomness management generation on multiple blockchains. Powered by Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) and Chainlink Keepers (Decentralized Contract Execution Scheduler). Play or create and Customize your own Trustless Random Games and create Lotteries/Charities/Giveaways/Events.

Token holders can participate in Community Games, Stake their BTCL tokens, and receive APY's while also becoming eligible to participate in the Bitcoin Lottery Launchpad. Stake their tokens by providing liquidity a.k.a Yield Farming. The DAO Voting System empowers the community to take charge and vote on the future of the Bitcoin Lottery Network. Creators will be able to create Custom Entropy Generators, Draw Prizes for Charities, and anything else that they can imagine configuring and launching your own transparent randomness sources of entropy that are immutable and cannot be manipulated all within a cool interface that you customize and can play with.

Bitcoin Lottery Promo Video

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