Introduction The Bitcoin Lottery Protocol is a fully autonomous and self sustaining ecosystem of immutable logic that provides liquidity and rewards to participants with the help of the Bitcoin Lottery Core Libraries set of Protocol Features. It has been specifically designed for blockchain based games to be able to create and operate their own custom lottery, raffles, nft, airdrops, custom games, custom distribution events.

For Developers

  • Take advantage of the core contract game engine provided by the Bitcoin Lottery Protocol to create your games, customise them in the dashboard and start indexing your games to ensure a great user experience.

  • Propose your game concept, to the Bitcoin Lottery Protocol DAO for integration into the Bitcoin Lottery Liquidity Pool guaranteeing payouts for your players.

  • Boost player engagement with BTCLP Token emissions.

  • Earn a share of the BTCLP Tokens generated by your contracts.

  • Join a growing network of developers who contribute to an on chain gaming ecosystem.

For Players

  • Enjoy time on chain gameplay facilitated and settled by smart contracts.

  • Receive rewards in BTCLP Tokens for every transaction you make.

  • Transparent Reward System.

  • Promotions are publicly verified on chain eliminating leaderboards and undistributed jackpots.

  • Trustworthy random number generation is ensured through Chainlink decentralised oracles eliminating any risk of manipulation.

For Investors and Game Operators

  • Benefit from a advantage, for your liquidity investments.

  • Benefit from the, on chain rewards created to boost trading activity as a fraction of the profits are redirected back to the participants.

  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with decentralised reserves, which have no owner.

  • This ensures that your invested assets cannot be misused by any entity, for purposes.

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