Introduction The Bitcoin Lottery Protocol is a fully autonomous and self sustaining ecosystem that combines liquidity and rewards to participants! The Bitcoin Lottery Protocol Core Libraries are designed to combine multiple blockchain based games and empowers communities to create and operate their own custom lottery, raffles, nft, airdrops, custom games, custom distributions.

For Players

  • Enjoy on-chain gaming that is trustless and settled by smart contracts.

  • Receive rewards in BTCLP Tokens for every transaction you make.

  • Transparent Reward System and Liquidity Distribution.

  • Publicly verified on-chain jackpots.

  • Trustworthy random number generation via our partners at Chainlink which provide decentralised oracles, eliminating any risk of manipulation.

For Investors

  • Benefit from the split revenue model from the fees generated by the protocol which is redirected back to the participants and initial investors.

  • Increase your liquidity by investmenting into games that generate yield.

  • Earn BTCLP Governance Tokens

For Game Operators

  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with non-custodial decentralized game reserves.

  • Brand your Games and plug into shared community games.

  • Ensure that your assets cannot be misused by any entity since there is no custodian involved in the process.

  • Earn BTCLP Governance Tokens

For Developers

  • Take advantage of the core contract game engine provided by the Bitcoin Lottery Protocol to create your own games, customize them to ensure a seamless user experience for your users.

  • Propose your game concept, to the Bitcoin Lottery Protocol DAO for integration into the Bitcoin Lottery Liquidity Pool and guarantee rewards for your players.

  • Boost player engagement with BTCLP Governance Token emissions.

  • Earn a share of the BTCLP Tokens generated by your contracts.

  • Join a growing network of developers who contribute to the future of transparent gaming.

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